For Families

  • HooSitting is a start-up founded by students at McIntire (UVA's undergraduate business school) in an Entrepreneurship class. We found that UVA is an integral part of the Charlottesville community. There is also a high demand for childcare in Charlottesville, and a large supply of babysitters who are eager to sit - what better way to resolve this dilemma than to connect families and students!



    HooSitting provides families with a bright and competent babysitter from the University of Virginia who we also hold to high standards, abiding by the Honor Code. Our sitters are experienced and reliable. Since every students has a different academic schedule, sitters are almost available at all hours. UVA student sitters are happy to play with your children, help with your children's homework, pick them up from school and sports practices, and drive them around Charlottesville!


    Our student sitters use our site to connect with families they would not have the opportunity to meet otherwise. Student sitters from diverse milieus who attend UVA are happy to have a connection in the local Charlottesville community. The sitters have been screened by HooSitting and are all qualified for any babysitting jobs.


    It's a very simple process to book a sitter, simply create an account and profile for your family! The best part is that if you need to contact us, we can answer most emails same day, meaning that we are operated by students who are addicted to checking our phone and email every second (our parents hate it too)! We hare here to provide your family with an awesome sitter and help students meet families in the community.