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    HooSitting provides UVA students with babysitting job oportunities in the local community. Many UVA students are qualified babysiters, but they do not have contacts in Charlottesville. HooSitting is happy to help new and returning students find babysitting jobs that they would not have found otherwise and bridge the gap! It's a great way to venture out into the community and bring Charlottesville and UVA closer together. As students, we have extra time during the week before, after, and in between classes. Babysitting is a great way to have a flexible job on the side that works with your schedule.Babysitting is a great way to have a flexible job on the sides that works with your schedules.



    Addressing   Concerns


    Your safety as a sitter is important to us, and we ensure that each and every family using HooSitting has gone through a screening interview process. Parents enjoy working with bright competent students like us that abide by the Honor code. Through our site, families are able to support UVA, while finding a sitter to help them when they have other obligations.


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