• Rates & Policies For Family Members

    Booking Fees

    • A booking fee is automatically included in the hourly rate you pay the sitter.


    HooSitting Babysitter rates are as follows:

    • The minimum babysitter rates are given below:
      • For 1 to 2 kid(s): $15/hour
      • For 3 kids: $16/hour
      • For 4 or more kids: $17/hours
    • The parents are given the option to choose a higher amount, if they believe it to be fit.
    • If the booking occurs less than 24 hours before the sitting time, parents will be asked to pay an additional $10 for the overall booking.
    • Parents must pay on the site or the booking will not go through.

    *Advanced booking is recommended for all weekend nights and during school vacations. The earlier you book the more likely you will have a confirmed babysitter.


    HooSitting Cancellation Policy

    • All cancellations must be made at least 24 hours before appointment time to avoid the three-hour minimum fee.
    • If cancellation is made less then 24 hours before appointment time, parent will be charged his or her chosen rate for three hours.
    • Cancellations due to emergencies or sickness will not be charged a cancellation fee, but we do ask to know as soon as possible. This may occur 2 "incidental times" but then family will be charged three hour fee.


    Additional Information

    • Babysitting requests are not guaranteed unless you have received a confirmation email from HooSitting.
    • If chosen babysitter cannot make requested time, we will try our best to give the parent the option to choose another babysitter or find him or her a backup sitter as soon as possible.
    • If parent changes his or her confirmed request, we will do our very best to provide a replacement babysitter, but cannot guarantee we can if we are not told in a timely manner.


    All HooSitting babysitters are independent contractors, not employees of HooSitting. HooSitting is not liable for the actions of individual caregivers.