• Rates & Policies For Babysitters

    HooSitting Babysitter rates are as follows:

    • The babysitter rates are given below:
      • For 1 to 2 kid(s): $12/hour
      • For 3 kids: $13/hour
      • For 4 or more kids: $14/hours
    • HooSitting babysitters will be paid their respective amounts within 24 hours of the end appointment time.
    • HooSitting babysitters are allowed to keep the tips that the family members give to them.


    HooSitting Cancellation Policy:

    • The babysitter is paid a 3 hours minimum rate if the parent cancels within 24 hours of appointment time.
    • If the babysitter cancels within 24 hours of the appointment time, he or she will be given two strikes on their record. Three strikes will result in dismissal from our site.
    • If the cancellation within 24 hours is due to an emergency or sickness, he or she will not get any strikes.
    • If the babysitter cancels before the 24 hours of the appointment time, he or she will be given one strike. When the babysitter signs up weekly for the requested times, he or she is making an automatic commitment that he or she is available those times. He or she does have the option to edit available times at any time.


    All HooSitting babysitters are independent contractors, not employees of HooSitting. HooSitting is not liable for the actions of individual caregivers.